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Am I Eligible?

A few basic requirements must be met.

To qualify for the Antique/Classic Auto Insurance Program, vehicles must be at least 19 years old*, and:
  • Factory original; i.e. there should be few changes from the factory original specifications.
  • In good or restored condition.
  • Be kept in a fully enclosed, locked garage.
  • Be used primarily as hobby vehicles: used in exhibitions, club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest. An occasional nice day drive to keep the vehicle in running order is perfectly acceptable.
    • We do NOT impose a mileage limit on our Antique/Classic Auto Insurance Policy. However, we do use a very reasonable underwriting limit.
    • Club affiliation is not required.
Applicants and operators listed/insured on the policy must:
  • Be at least 25 years of age.
  • Have a good driving record with no more than one moving violation and one at fault accident.
  • Provide with their application:
    • At least one clear, current, color photo of the vehicle (preferably a front-corner view).
    • An appraisal is not required, but may be needed if the requested insurance value exceeds the general collectible market price for your particular vehicle.

So what types of vehicles does J.C. Taylor insure?

Some examples include:
Sports Cars, Muscle Cars, Convertibles, Coupes, Retractables, Station Wagons,
Vintage Motorcycles, Woodies, Corvettes, Sedans, Steam Automobiles, Horseless
Carriages, Light Trucks, Farm Tractors, Antique Delivery Trucks, Military Vehicles.

*NOTE: In TX, vehicles must be at least 15 years old. In MA, however, vehicles must be at least 25 years old.

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