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Since you asked!

Q. What is "Agreed Value" coverage?
A. Prior to issuing your policy, we will come to an agreement with you on the value of your vehicle, based on the market and condition of the vehicle in question. In the event there's a covered total loss to your vehicle, the "agreed value" is the amount you would receive.

Q. What happens when I have a loss to my collectible vehicle?
A. Just contact JC Taylor claims department at 1-800-345-8290 or Help Point Claims at 1-800-527-3907. Our customers have been consistently impressed with the overall speed, knowledge, fairness, and superior quality of our claims service. When you have a claim is when the insurance really matters, and excellence in customer service is our number one goal. We will work with you to make sure your claim is settled promptly and fairly. That is what you deserve, and that is what you should expect.

Q. Does the JC Taylor policy have a mileage limitation?
A. There in NO mileage limitation in the JC Taylor policy
(contract). We use a limit of 3500 miles per vehicle per year
for underwriting our business. We believe that this limit is
reasonable; however, customers who exceed this limit will
never be denied coverage on a claim because of excess mileage.

Q. Does JC Taylor have an Attendance Requirement Clause
in its policies?

A. Absolutely not. JC Taylor does NOT have an Attendance Requirement

Q. Does JC Taylor require a deductible on Physical Damage coverage?
A. In most states, our modified program has a $250 deductible on physical damage coverages.

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